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Precision Electronic Pressure bed
Precision Electronic Pressure bed

Precision Electronic Pressure bed

 In response to the need for product quality improvement, the actual production process in the use of pressure, precision requirements are more and more high. This product is safe and accurate, low power consumption, low noise. Can be widely used for electronics, home appliances, printing, packaging, plastics, furniture, automobile and other industries small parts of the pressure into, forming, assembly, riveting, printing, punching, cutting, warping, bronzing, printing and other light load precision requirements. Such as: Motor set, axis, bearing pressure into the transformer molding, electrical switch Group, electronic, computer parts group Li , riveting, photo frame molding, plastic molding, cutting off, printing trademarks, typing and so on.

Machine Size: l*w*h=270*380*805mm
Machine Weight: 48kg
Using power: AC220 50hz/500w
Top clamping Chuck: er16-¢10
Repeat displacement accuracy: ±0.01mm
Repetition pressure precision: ±10g
Pressure: 0~200kg Adjustable (pressure mode is optional)
Trip: 0~100mm Adjustable
Speed: 10~640mm/s
Working Surface: 200*180mm
With move handle
Hands Start button
Pass indicator, FAIL indicator, running indicator, buzzer
Emergency stop button
Safety Grating
Material Testing SENSE
Operating interface: human-machine interfaces; LCD resolution 480*272,24bits color, support touch,
Communication interface: 100M Ethernet and Rs485 for data collection
I/O:4CH digital input, 4CH digital output, in case of automatic up and down material online