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Automatic heat shrinkable Casing Machine
Automatic heat shrinkable Casing Machine

Automatic heat shrinkable Casing Machine

      The equipment is used in the production of electronic wire, it is necessary to set the Heat shrinkable pipe, bake the heat shrinkable tube to wrap the fastening insulation function. Replace the original manual into the heat shrink pipe, and then placed to the hot hair dryer work station to bake, can reduce the bad rate, improve production capacity, save manpower, so that the efficiency of the plant to continue to improve.

   The equipment works as follows: The operator puts the wire into the disc of the equipment, step on the automatic pedal, hot hair dryer automatically heating, reach the set time delay, positioning wire clips Open, remove the finished product, after the finished product, automatically send heat shrink tube, cut off the set length, turntable rotating to wire into the station, waiting for the next operator threading, in turn cycle.

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