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Seven Requirements for automation equipment
Edit:Dongguan Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2018-01-06

At present, the intense market competition of automation equipment has transferred from simple price competition to the competition of customer experience, most enterprises really realize the importance of product experience, so the requirements of industrial design and aesthetic application of enterprises are strengthened, and the Industrial Design Center and Product Research center of various kinds of external association are established successively. To improve the applicability of non-standard automation products has laid a solid foundation.
Automation equipment, the first requirement: is the industrial modelling design into the culture, personality taste concerns. Now the automation, a variety of, mixed, but really from the beginning of a design will be all kinds of cultural connotations as a design concept brought into it and rarely. The research and development team of Shanghai Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. began two years ago to explore and attempt this aspect.
Automation equipment The second requirement: The user experience and product humanization concerns. Developers from the application of products, user needs, consumer habits, the existing market in the extensive in-depth study of equipment, combined with the use of units and other senior industrial customer feedback, in the function of automation equipment has been a new design to meet industrial needs.
Automation equipment The third requirement: The combination of biometric technology and robots, to upgrade the non-standard automation equipment to a new height. Fully automated equipment in the near future will be possible to enter the ordinary industrial and mining enterprises.
Automation equipment Fourth Requirements: is to focus on product innovation and patent applications, enhance the core competitiveness of intellectual property protection increasingly norms.
Automation equipment Fifth requirements: The attention to product details, product quality excellence, from the details reflect the design taste, reflect the understanding of automation equipment.
Automation equipment The sixth requirement: The enterprise pays more attention to the quality and the brand: The true good brand connotation is the quality, the durable, the continuous development crystallization; The quality is the life of the enterprise.
Automation equipment Seventh requirements: environmental protection and energy saving and safety. Responsible producers need to be realistic in order to protect the Earth on which human beings depend. Whether the company through the environmental system and occupational health and safety system certification; Whether the equipment gradually adopt environmental protection electroplating process, reduce the use of Qing, using 3+ chromium plating. These are what a responsible company must ask for.