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What are the advantages and disadvantages of the connector automatic assembly machine? How to maintain the automatic assembly machine?
Edit:Dongguan Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2018-01-28

 Connector Automatic Assembly Machinehave many advantages and some disadvantages

1. In terms of policy, brand-name machines have unparalleled policy advantages over connectorsAutomatic assembling MachineMore restrictions, some time ago it seems to have issued a regulation, said that the Internet cafes and other enterprises and institutions, must use the brand machine, in some places have appeared without the brand machine Internet cafes are facing closure. So from this point to the connector automatic assembly machine is fatal.

2. From the competition, in some of the more competitive medium and large cities, connector automatic assembly machine accessories price has been close to transparent, small profit margins, which is also a problem facing the industry.

In short, if in the case of sufficient funds, buy a high configuration of the brand machine is the best, when you are underfunded and ten care about the performance of the machine, buy a connector automatic assembly machine also not for the knowledge of the choice.

The maintenance method of automatic assembling machine is discussed in the following parts.

1, every day: Discharge assembly machine air pressure system of water.

2, Weekly: To ensure that the assembly machine hands control system normal operation.

3, each month: Automatic assembly machine to add lubricating Oil (No. 2nd lubricant).

4, Annual: Assembling machine lubrication pressure system. (No. 68th Lubricant), check the electrical system is normal.