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We only do professional non-standard automation equipment
Edit:Dongguan Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2018-01-06

When it comes to non-standard automation equipment, many people first instantaneous reaction is the belt assembly line, auto parts production lines and other equipment. In fact, strictly speaking, do belt assembly line, auto parts production lines, such as the assembly line is not entirely non-standard automation equipment, accurately called the production of auxiliary equipment. The real non-standard automation equipment is not readily available on the market automation equipment, but also is not a batch of automation equipment, it is based on the production process demand for custom-made and do not require people to participate in the completion of the work of automation equipment is called non-standard automation equipment.
Previously traditional non-standard automation equipment, due to technical limitations and the production of bulk, many are the use of fixture mechanical positioning method to achieve automation, but in recent years in the extensive development and application of optical technology, product personalization needs more and more, coupled with the rapid increase in labor costs, production line switching frequency more and more high, The use of mechanical positioning method is gradually eliminated by the market. Therefore, it is still to do the traditional non-standard automatic equipment estimates, especially now the high cost of labor, labor efficiency is very low environment, whether the use of equipment enterprises or manufacturing equipment enterprises, do not engage in intelligent automation equipment, it is difficult in the current market can have a foothold. So our company after this six or seven years of touch roll climb, from doing reflow, wave soldering, connecting Taiwan, up and down the material machine, agent Samsung SMT Machine, ASM Mounter, custom multi-spout solder machine, selective wave soldering; to undertake non-standard automation equipment. Finally, we summed up a truth, do equipment must not do too miscellaneous, too full, otherwise anything can do, what all do not good, and finally by the market eliminated. So we have a bitter experience, make a hard-hearted, those who do not make money, thin profits, not our strengths of the products are all cut off, only concentrate on doing intelligent non-standard automation equipment, and must only do intelligent non-standard automation equipment.