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The actual meaning of automatic needle inserting machine
Edit:Dongguan Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2018-01-06

Automatic needle insertion Machineis for all kinds of coils, transformers, insulation skeleton inserted into the terminals and provided by the device. The bearing seat on the fuselage of the fully automatic needle-inserting machine is fitted with two vertical and horizontal axes. The shaft is fitted with a pair of rollers and a pair of transmission gears, with a ratchet on the axle of one of the gears, a dial cylinder on the side of the Ratchet machine, a ratchet lever mounted on its piston rod, and a conductor block fixed on both sides of the upper and lower rollers on the housing. The center of the fuselage is fitted with a fixed knife plate, adjacent equipped with a cutting cylinder, the movable knife block is embedded in the fixed knife block and connected with the piston rod of the cutting cylinder, between the conductor block and the movable knife block, has the conductor hard tube, and the other end of the fully automatic needle machine body is fitted with a top-tight cylinder, and the piston rod is fitted

The use of automatic needle machine can be continuously completed needle and needle processing process, on the one hand to buy the needle into a wire to buy, so that the cost is greatly reduced, on the other hand, because of the substitution of manual operation, so that the efficiency of the insertion of the needle greatly improved, so that the production of the

1. Motor rotor slot insulation paper automatic insertion machine is for the production of motor, on the grade, on the benefit of a series of special design of the plane. The machine is mainly used for the automatic insertion of the insulating slot paper (wedge) of the rotor of the micro-electric motor, and the rotor insulating slot paper (wedge) produced by the special plane is formed beautifully and has superior insulation performance, thus improving the motor performance.

2. Send paper, a certain width, roll into a coil of insulating paper to send a quantitative in place;

3. Insert paper. Insert the insulating paper folded into the slot into the empty groove;
4. Push paper. To push the insulating paper which has some insulating paper into the groove to the required position;

5. Intermittent rotating electrons. Intermittent rotation of the rotor into the next cycle.

6. The machine adopts PLC control, automatic forming, cutting, entering, shifting, the length can be adjusted as needed, the number of slots can be pre-set, the speed of the paper, stable quality, large output.