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The installation Essentials of DC fan
Edit:Dongguan Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2018-01-28


After purchasing the DC fan, first of all, we must carefully read the fan instructions and product samples, familiar with the specifications of the fan, the form, impeller rotation and airflow direction, and so on; Check again fan parts are installed, and secondly, the protection before installation, fan installation must have safety devices to prevent accidents, And the wiring is installed by the professional person.


What to notice when you install:

First. Fan inlet and outlet of the duct has a separate support, do not allow the pipe overlap weight added to the fan parts, fan installation should pay attention to the horizontal position of the fan, the combination of the fan and the Foundation and the wind duct connection should be adjusted, so that the natural anastomosis, not forcibly connected;

Second. The Fan distribution control box must match the corresponding fan (power, voltage, pneumatic mode, control form, etc.).

Third. Fan wiring should be professional electrical wiring, wiring must be correct and reliable, especially the electrical control box wiring number and Fan connection column number consistent, the fan shell should be reliable grounding, grounding must be reliable, can not use 0 instead of grounding;

Third. After the fan is installed, use the hand or lever to toggle the impeller, check if there is too tight or rub touch phenomenon, there is no obstruction to the rotation of the goods, no abnormal phenomenon, before the commissioning, fan transmission of the exposed part of the shield (user-owned) such as Fan Inlet does not take over the road, also need to add protective nets or other installation equipment (user-owned).

Fourth. After all the fans have been installed, check to see if there are any leftover tool boxes inside the fan.


Finally, it is to check the various, after the machine to see if there is a strange. If it's all right, it's a perfect finish.