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Do you know the automatic pin machine?
Edit:Dongguan Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2018-01-06

Do you know the automatic pin machine? Automatic needle machine Future prices will affect the development of the following allows you to fully automatic needle machine has more understanding.
Automatic needle machine products in the future market capacity should be growing, historical data to respect the facts. Historical data, if there is greater volatility, needs to be explained further, indicating that it will not adversely affect the future. If it is a cyclical rule, consider the cyclical effect in future market capacity forecasts.
The future market capacity of fully automatic needle-inserting machine products also needs to be guaranteed to accommodate the new production capacity brought by the investment projects. Fully automatic needle insertion machine and the new injection machine product output and the current output of the company is the future of the listed enterprises to insert needle machine products total production, and market capacity ratio is extremely market share. Therefore, the future market capacity data also to consider the needle machine enterprise market share is to promote or decline. The rise and fall of enterprise market position should be consistent with the trend of industry development and the trend of competition pattern.
Public data-authoritative institutions or national data published, such as statistics Bureau, General Administration of customs, Needle Machine Industry Association, China Needle Machine Network, needle machine industry periodicals, Sewing Machine magazine, Needle Machine Research Institute, well-known third-party consulting companies.
Industry chain data-upstream and downstream industry data, such as related product data, key raw materials or accessories data, one can be used to estimate the pin machine product segmentation market data.
Publish data--based on research results, data published by authoritative institutions in the industry (such as newspapers, associations, periodicals, etc.)
Projection data-Calculates the obtained data using a reasonable estimation method based on the public data or published data of the industry and the upstream and downstream industries.
Automation system of large-scale equipment, also known as automation devices. The process of automatic operation or control of a machine or device in an unattended situation in accordance with a prescribed procedure or instruction. Therefore, automation is an important condition and significant symbol of the modernization of industry, agriculture, national defense and science and technology.