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How to select the manufacturing process of connecting automatic assembling machine
Edit:Dongguan Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2018-01-28

ConnectionAutomatic assembling MachineHow the manufacturing process is chosen

Selection of mating in manufacturing process of connecting automatic assembling machine

The selection of the reference tolerance grade of the automatic assembling machine determines the tolerance zone of the Datum hole or datum axis, and the size of the tolerance zone of the non-standard part, so the matching choice is actually to determine the position of the Non datum tolerance zone, that is, to select the basic deviation generation of the non datum parts.

For interference fit, according to the size of the transfer load, according to the plastic theory to calculate the minimum allowable and maximum interference, so as to select the appropriate type of matching, GB/t 5371-2o04 limit and with the interference fit calculation and selection, has made detailed provisions. There is no suitable calculation method for transition coordination.

The basic deviation of various codes, under certain conditions, represents a variety of different cooperation, so the choice of matching is the mouth of what to choose the basic deviation problem. The method of selecting and cooperating of automatic assembling machine has 3 kinds of calculation method, test method and analogy method.

In accordance with the theory and formula to determine the need for clearance or interference, so as to carry out the design of limit and coordination, mainly for automatic assembly machine clearance and interference fit. For example, for the gap fit of the sliding bearing, the minimum allowable loop is calculated according to the theory of liquid lubrication. Then select the standard fit type.

The test method is to determine the gap or interference through a test or statistical analysis. This method is reasonable and reliable, but the cost is high, so it is only used for the key cooperation of the main products of automatic assembling machine.

Through the impose of similar machines and components for research, analysis and comparison, based on the experience of predecessors to select the limit and coordination, which is currently the most widely used, but also a major method. Automatic assembly machine in practical work, the most widely used is the analogy, that is, to participate in the existing similar machines or similar structures, verified by the practice of cooperation with the design of the parts of the use of the conditions compared to the modified, to determine the coordination.